Here is the SemDems donation page if you’d like to help out…

**UPDATE** 11/7/20 – They’re still counting in Florida but we can say that Seminole County went blue, and we beat the worst President in our lifetime! It was WAY too close, and there is more work to be done. Take the Senate, push for more progressive policies, and keep this train moving!


This one is about my work with the Democratic Party of Seminole County, Florida.

Seminole hasn’t voted for the Democratic President since Harry Truman in 1948. 1948!

In 2016 Seminole County went red by 3,654 votes. I live in Seminole County (ugh), and after seeing how close the numbers were, I felt like that was the perfect opportunity for me to help affect the outcome of the 2020 election, so I started working for the SemDems last November. I wanted to put in a full year. Since the 2016 election, we have closed the gap to just 800 more registered Republicans than Democrats in Seminole, and it closes more every day!

We have our main website,, a website for the Young SemDems, and a one for the Hispanic SemDems Caucus.

We’ve also made national news, last week ABC News ran a story featuring the SemDems, calling Seminole a battleground county with a strong possibility of turning blue, and a few days ago FOX’s local Orlando station came to the SemDems HQ for a story that ran on the evening news.

There are many counties like Seminole across the United States that have close races. If you can, I know money is tight, find a county near you like Seminole that can help swing the election, and help out. You can donate money or time. We have teams holding drive through registrations, phone banking, literature drops, and on election day we’ll have poll watchers, and drivers picking up people who can’t drive, as I’m sure many other groups like SemDems are doing in their counties.

FOX35 story with SemDems chair Brittany Nethers!


Seminole County 2016 Presidential Election Result

Seminole County 2016 Election Result

Seminole County 2020 Presidential Election Result

Seminole County 2020 Election Result 94 percent


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