Website / WordPress Maintenance

Monthly WordPress Maintenance Keeps Your Website Running & Protects It From Hackers
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No website is set-it-and-forget-it.

They all need proper maintenance throughout the month, especially if you are using a popular CMS like WordPress, which is vulnerable to malware and attacks.

Your theme needs to stay updated, plugins need to stay updated, and WordPress itself needs to stay updated.

All of these updates also need to work well together, if they don’t, things can break. 

You may not know it but you probably have active WordPress plugins that are out of date, or may not even be compatible with the version of WordPress you have running. This is where the hackers come in. 

Website maintenance is your form of website security, you can take a vacation with no worries that when you come back you discover the website has been down for three days.

You may need monthly website maintenance, ADA compliance, or you could opt for a beginning of the year checkup and a mid-year checkup so we visit the site twice per year and make sure everything is running correctly. 

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Standards & Practices

What goes in to your website maintenance?

The TLC that goes into my websites and yours.

Consistent Updates

Every third party tool, plugin, app, and content management system running on your website needs to stay updated. They also need to be compatible with each other, plugins often clash because they all play catch up with each other as they release bug fixes. Website maintenance will ensure everything runs!

100% Safe & Secure

Your website needs to be free from malware and daily brute force attacks, and as your website gets more popular threats will increase. If you have one, I will perform a security audit on your current website to see what needs to be added or bolted down.