Custom Website Design & Development Services

Fully Mobile Responsive, Secure, and Fast Loading Websites Designed with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify.
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Do you need a new website, a custom website re-design, or maybe some new pages added to your existing website?

Do you need a simple 5 page website, a one-page website to promote a new product or mobile app, or maybe a large E-Commerce site with tons of products synced up to an Amazon shop?

You found the right place!

I have been designing websites and landing pages for over 15 years, for businesses in all sorts of industries, each with their own set of unique characteristics and needs.

My go-to CMS for new websites is WordPress, because of how many clients are familiar with it and can add their own pages, and for the endless amount of plugins available. If you already have a site in Shopify, Magento, or another CMS and just need new pages added, we can roll with whatever you have. My go-to web hosting company is, they will have you loading in seconds!

Your website will be fast, secure, and easy to navigate, generate leads, contact you, and have all of the most important parts 3 clicks away from home or less.

Some of my recent projects (non-agency sites I can prove are my work) can be found here:

As an SEO / SEM Manager, I’ve managed accounts in dozens of different industries, so chances are pretty high I already have a working knowledge of your industry and what needs to be included in your website design, and how to develop a website with SEO in mind.

Based in Orlando, Florida – serving the globe!

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Standards & Practices

What goes in to your website design?

The TLC that goes into my websites and yours.

Mobile Responsive

A given, now and into the future. Every website should adapt to all screen sizes, whether on a desktop with a large external monitor, or small mobile phone viewing in portrait or landscape mode.

Fast Loading

Your website needs to load quickly! The addition of WP Rocket, with other tools and tricks, will have your website loading as fast as possible. Using features like browser caching, image compression, preloading, CDNs, etc. can boost your speed, especially for returning visitors.

Easy to Contact

More than anything, your website is there for people to contact you about opportunities. Your phone number, email, newsletter, social media profiles, professional and local organizations you may be a part of, or hold certifications in – all of them will be included on your website and easy to find.

100% Safe & Secure

Your website needs to be free from malware and daily brute force attacks, and as your website gets more popular threats will increase. If you have one, I will perform a security audit on your current website to see what needs to be added or bolted down.

Easy to Navigate (Usability)

Your website should not be confusing to a visitor, and trust me, visitors get confused easily. It needs to be easy to navigate, with all of your most important features top-of-the-fold, with nothing too far away from the home page.

Easy to Find

Your website needs to be discovered, and it doesn’t happen by itself. Sitemaps needs to be created and submitted. URLs need to be short and to the point, with a local flair for local businesses. Keywords must be included. Your website will be designed will all of these factors.