Last day of Sober October!

Anyone else make it?

I’ve done Dry February for 7 years now… because it’s the shortest month, but I wasn’t feeling it this year and decided to swap it for Sober October. Three more days, almost a full business week!

Shout out to Tom the Beer guy from OBP for passing the tradition on to me!

When I first heard about it, I thought “no way.”

Then I thought, “how hard could it be? If Orlando’s favorite beer brewer, a man who judged The Great American Beer Festival, the most sophisticated palate I’ve ever shared a pint with, if he could stop drinking for a month what’s stopping me?”

Seven years later here I am finishing another month-long break.

The best part was not missing any workouts.

The worst part was just now when I told everyone that I think it’s impressive to go 31 days without a drink!


To cap it off, I’m rewatching one of my favorite podcast episodes, Egos & Alcohol with The Gracie Brothers & Russell Brand.

You don’t have to be a fan of Jiu Jitsu or opposed to alcohol to appreciate this episode and the messages in it, as they touch on life and the challenges we all have to face, in a manner only Russell Brand and the Gracie brothers can.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of Jiu Jitsu and Russell Brand like I am, you’ll love this episode and probably run it back a few times like I have.


If you have kids and you’re looking to get them involved with a positive new activity, try Jiu Jitsu, even better if you have a Gracie school nearby. They’ll learn how to defend themselves and others around them, and only use it when they need to.

If you have trouble with alcohol and it’s getting out of control, talk to someone who cares and wants the best for you.

Try to go a month without alcohol and see how much better you feel.

Try to make changes in your life that will have you reaching for the bottle less.

Look around social media.

People often blame the effect and not the cause when they see problems.

“He’s an alcoholic… He can’t quit the booze… alcohol this… alcohol that…”

Blaming the alcohol for being there won’t fix anything, it just sits there waiting to be absorbed like everything else going on around us.

The obstacles life throws at us makes us reach for the quick fix.

Sober October, Dry February, any personal challenge you tackle is a positive way to reset and get moving in the right direction.

Take a month off, start with a week if you have to, then you can drink to celebrate!

Only try not to make it a nightly thing 🙂


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