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I can’t recommend Honey enough. It has saved me TONS of money!

Have I even had TONS of money to spend?

TONS of money is like that huge stack of money Walter White had to hide in a storage unit, and Bill Burr and Huell got to lay on.



Anyway, if I ever had TONS of money to spend is besides the point.

I have definitely saved a LOT, at least one lot of money, by using Honey.

It runs in your browser and knows when you about to check out in an online store, then it searches the net for promo codes and applies the best one, saving you money!

Users also get points on purchases, so I try to run everything through it and collect as many points as possible, and turn them into gift cards.

Another feature lets you save products to a “droplist” and send alerts when the price drops!

The date range goes back 120 days, so you can see if the price is on a peak, about to drop, or possibly go back up soon.

This was helpful for me when I was looking for a new exercise bike.

I droplisted about a dozen different bikes and got updates when each one had a price drop, when one of them dropped $90 I dropped in and saved!

Here’s an example from today (8/22/19) showing a bike at $70 off that dropped from over $300 to $269, and then down to $228 –  if this was something you dropped you can see it’s a good time to buy before it goes back up.