PPC Management & Consulting For Small to Large Websites

New PPC Campaigns, PPC Consulting, and PPC Management for Current Campaigns.
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Need to sell a new product quickly?

Looking for targeted leads now?

PPC ads are the way to go!

Organic SEO takes time to work. If you don’t have time to wait for new pages and websites to beat the competition and rank organically, pay per click ads will send visitors to a website as you wait for the organic side to catch up.

PPC is great for product and sales pages, downloads, pages with CTA to collect emails, and so on, pages where the visitor is going to complete an action and convert.

You pay on a per click basis when your ad is clicked, and someone visits your website, places phone call, or completes a download.

You also pay when people outside of your targeted audience clicks your ads when the targeting isn’t right.

That’s where I come in!

I eliminate wasted clicks from the start, and make sure your ads are written well and going to the right people, so when people are interested in your ad and click it, they like what they see and convert.

PPC ads are available on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing / Yahoo, LinkedIn, Reddit, Waze, and more.

I have created and managed campaigns with monthly budgets ranging from $500 to $20,000 – For a locksmith, hair replacement surgeon, wedding venue, insurance broker, franchise tax planner, orthodontist, swimsuit retailer, and about a dozen other industries, so there is a chance I’ve already managed campaigns in your field.

Need a PPC Manager who can generate leads?

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Standards & Practices

What goes in to your PPC campaigns and mine?

The TLC that goes into my websites and yours.

Keyword & Competitor Research

PPC Management starts with proper keyword research and competitor analysis. Opportunities are uncovered, ads are written, and if the website and landing pages are ready for new traffic, campaigns are launched.

No Wasted Ad Spend

PPC Ad networks leave everything turned on by default, this causes accounts to overspend if the PPC manager isn’t on top of things. PPC accounts also tend to go through several managers before I take over, or maybe the business owner tried to run the ad campaign on their own. The first thing I do on an account like that, even before keyword research, is eliminate wasted spend and then see what parts of the campaign are worth keeping.

Proper Targeting

Your ads will be seen by the right customers through tight targeting based on location, demographics, income, and more. No sense selling yacht insurance to a broke college student living in a landlocked state! We will discuss your ideal customer, and serve them ads that lead back to landing pages that convert.

Performance Tracking

How are the campaigns performing? A question everyone wants to know! Your campaigns will be set up with conversion tracking so we know what ads and keywords are performing well. A monthly report will be sent out detailing how many leads came in, and from where.